New payment periods, 3, 6 month and yearly!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hi everyone, We've just extended the options for services, we now accept 3 6 and 12 month payments for 2GB vps. There are discounts for each payment level, up to 50% for yearly, and if you wish to be switched from your current billing cycle, please make a ticket and we'll adjust it for you. We originally made the decision to only allow monthly (or 3 monthly for 1GB VPS) to show...

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overselling policy update

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hi all, We're changing our policy on not overselling due to the lack of response in the market. However, we are still sticking to a strict overselling policy of 100%. That is, you will always have 1GB ram available, burstable to 2GB. We can't reveal exact stats but suffice to say 2 nodes that are at 100% are still only using about 20% of the ram, and have been for the past month, so...

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